Consistency- Evening Run


I just finished a 8.617km running that lasted about 0hh:38mm:46ss !


I was finally able to string together a few 'every other day' runs, and I'm not sure if it's a coincidence, but today was one of my best pace in a while, at least for a run not very short. 7:14 min/mile for more than 5 miles, this is progress. Like I said, I'm hoping to reach under 7 min/mile for at least 10k, so there's still lots of work left, but today's apparent progress helps me to keep the motivation. Of course, the lower temperatures around 72F (or 22 degrees Celsius) and lower humidity can also be an explanation. Once again, I also like the fact the last mile or so was the fastest, and I know I could have run at least one more mile at similar pace, if it wasn't already so dark.

Not sure why I'm surprised every time, but I saw plenty of deer again. They're really everywhere. I was also hit in the face by quite a few bugs. That's not that usual, not sure why there were so many today. But as most days, I was the only runner out there. Even during the day, it's usually like that, so of course at dusk, there's even less chance to see other runners or bikers.

Probably no run tomorrow, but I hope to run twice over the week end, a short/fast run, and a longer/slower one. And maybe a bit of hiking in the local parks. We'll see how it goes.
Till then, keep Exhausting!

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