Evening Bike Ride

I just finished a 20.676km bike ride that lasted about 0hh:52mm:56ss !


Well, that first run on Saturday left very sore! Almost everywhere, even the upper body! Of course, 3 months without running, no warm up, no cool down, no stretching, what a surprise! But I guess that's what cross training is all about. The cycling efforts are different enough from the running ones that it didn't bother me too much.

I ended up randomly riding in the neighborhood just before the night, for almost an hour until it was really too dark. The pace was slightly higher than recently because I didn't stop as much for pictures, and also because I wanted to reach a decent distance before it got dark. Of course, I could still catch a few pictures of the cloudy evening sky.


As mentioned in my last Exhaust post, I started a counter for both cycling and running activities for the month:

SportsJune Total (miles)June Total (km)

Tonight, I will probably try another short run, even if I'm still sore from Saturday!
Keep Exhausting!