Aging To Responsibilities - Excitements and Burdens



I just finished watching a movie (the vault) after a very long time of being trapped in a cage of uncertainties and here I am to say I made it out once again, but I promise I don't know how long it will take to be feral. The cops of those boring experiences may find its way back to where the yellow bird guy lays and drag him along, well, I sure hope not.

I was reminiscing on a couple of things, including the excitement that came with growing up. I mean as kids(under eighteen) we often viewed our inability to do certain things as life's cruelty, we lacked the credulity for whatever was thrown at us as advice. We pretty much found it all unfair that age had to tell who's got to have boyfriend, or who's allowed to wear makeups or prolly who is able to pick what his/her wardrobe is made of, it's a beautiful pain to grow and realize those were only protections from the unfair life we may have misdefined.

Guess who finally got a chance to be independent? Jack did! Now he's up in the attic overlapping his mind with thoughts on how not to be more screwed as life had turned out to be pretty good at mechanical engineering, but hollup, ain't that the same Jack that needed space to hang? let me take a look real quick, uhm…


Aging To Responsibilities - Excitements and Burdens

Rich or Poor, aging comes with excitements and burdens. The excitement comes at the beginning of this trip, then one shot, and you're down in your river of thoughts and emotions, then you wonder, how did this all grow so fast on me? You grew bro, that's what happened! Burdens set in, and there you have a man/woman who's gotta carry it, sustain and take responsibilities. Everything just has two faces to it, starting with a coin, and we've seen how it's ever a terrible idea to trust a silver to sustain value, it could barely attract if you get what I mean…

There's light at the end of a tunnel, but there's a grave after it, and right before it is that light that knocks you off, pushes you to some world or not, maybe we were all speculating on history written by historians, I don't even care if that goes well there. Life is pretty much unfair, but some companies make it worth having for its temporary nature. There's an excitement with being a kid, that we only realize its full package when we grow up. There's equally an excitement with being an adult that we only realize when we're old, and there's also an excitement that comes with being old, which I suppose we'd have to die to find out, I can't tell now, I barely tell what happens in death in dreams, the brain has no answers there. Every bit of life has its upsides and downsides, we've actually got no choice but to cherish both.

Watching the rain come down can be annoying, but I don't suppose I'm lying when I say that sometimes we feel some great joy when it does. Every minute of life can't always be good, but it can always be treasured. We'd never really know how valuable our time and attention is, until we only have what's after decomposition…