Did the world realize the importance of decentralization yet?

Facebook and related offerings such as Instagram, WhatsApp, Messenger and Oculus have been down for several hours in the final 24 hours.

The social media giant cited network-wide problems behind the good sized international outages.

Reports suggest the outages have been related to DNS issues, with cybersecurity reporter Brian Krebs writing that DNS files were pulled from international routing tables.

Other reports indicated that Facebook tried to restart servers manually, and that personnel had been unable to do so due to enormous outages.

According to The Verge, the outage took about 5 hours earlier than global access to all Facebook services was once restored.

This outage is one of the worst Facebook outages to date, affecting 2.89 billion international users of the social network, in addition to those who use associated services.

In 2019, Facebook's outage exceeded 14 hours, while the outage in 2008, when the platform had only 150 million users, lasted about a day.

For advocates of blockchain and decentralized networks, the outage from Facebook and different social structures is the ultra-modern excellent example of how centralized structures can fail on a massive scale.

Blockchain presents profitable picks to such centralized models, with user-managed disbursed networks that are much less in all likelihood to fail and are resistant to operational censorship.

Blockchain builders, bitcoin enthusiasts and decentralization advocates seized the chance to spur Facebook and different centralized systems, or “Web 2.0,” by using Twitter, which has been working generally amid Facebook’s troubles, and by emailed data.

Matthew Gould, founder and CEO of Unstoppable Domains, told through email:

Today's whole fall down of Facebook and Instagram, among different apps, illustrates the issues of centralization.

Everyone should mention why we need a greater open, decentralized and inclusive Internet, free of turmoil and with strong defenses.

Many Bitcoin followers have enjoyed realizing that the leading cryptocurrency currently has greater market capitalization than Facebook, due to the low rate of Facebook shares.

Bitcoin's market cap is around $929 billion as of this writing, while Facebook's cap is just underneath $919 billion, with Facebook's inventory charge down nearly 16% in the closing 24 hours.

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