Hive Open Mic #week 105 - I colori dell'universo in 432Hz

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Here my participation to Hive open mic.
all here is it improvvisation in DADGAD tuned guitar and 432Hz with a couloured home made video.

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Hello @lorenzopistolesi

Welcome to Hive Open Mic
I really like this song. Is it your composition? What about it is, can you clarify for us who dont speak Italian? Some additional information in your post would be great :)

Thank you for your participation in week 105 with this topic colourful



Thanks a lot,

This song describes that you create universe every day, where you are, from your daily life and you'll shine

here the lyrics ita and eng

Colors of the universe

Run a little against the wind to see who you are between the red,
the blue and the torment, you will find yourself
You're here on the beach savouring the colour of the sun
And you get tanned for hours and hours
And everything you're looking for was already written by you

You invent all the road that you let yourself take
and you invent all those days that could have discovered you
and the crumb of bread that you left on the path you will find it again
Because even the ant needs a road you will see
And everything seems far from the sun even if you are here

I'm here making up words as if they were
They rise from the ground like plants
In this forest I sometimes get lost but I know I'll find myself again
And there's no excuse there's no illusion to protect me
and everything I've already said,
You can't stop time, not even with a suspicion.
Not even with an illusion

However far you discover this sea may be
After all, everything starts there and then disappears
Like in this useless Mediterranean that surrounds us
The water bathes us every day and floods us
And you will remember everything a little longer
the colours of the universe that are inside you will shine

Translated with (free version)

I colori dell'universo

Corri un po' controvento per capire chi sei tra il rosso,
il blu e il tormento, ti troverai
Sei qui sulla spiaggia ad assaporare il colore del sole
e ti fai abbronzare per ore ed ore
e tutto quello che cerchi era già scritto da te

Inventi tutta la strada che hai lasciato percorrerti
e inventi tutti quei giorni che potevano scoprirti
e la briciola di pane che hai lasciato sul cammino la ritroverai
perché anche la formica ha bisogno di una strada vedrai
e tutto sembra lontano dal sole anche se sei qua

sono qui che m'invento parole come se
salissero dal terreno come piante
in questa foresta mi perdo talvolta ma so che mi ritroveró
e non c'è scusa non c'è illusione che mi protegga
e tutto quello che ho già detto,
il tempo non lo puoi fermare neanche con un sospetto
neanche per un'illusione

per quanto tu scoprirai quanto lontano potrà essere questo mare
in fondo tutto nasce da lì e ppi scompare
come in questo Mediterraneo inutile che ci circonda
l'acqua ci bagna tutti i giorni e ci inonda
e tutto lo ricorderai ancora un po'
i colori dell'universo che sono dentro di te risplenderanno


What a beautifuk melody, I like it a lot, your voice sounds so good and your guitar as well!

Have a great day :)


Oh my God 🤗🤗✨✨what a beautiful song, your voice, the guitar chords! Italian is such a beautiful language! wow my dear Welcome to this great Hive Open Mic community, please we want to see more of you here, you are an inspiration! don't stop!💥


Yay, it's a real treat to hear from you again. Thank you for being here, bringing your musical gifts. Lovely original song, friend, and you carry it beautifully.

Thanks for joining in and enjoying Hive Open Mic


It is a pleasure and you rock my friend, you go forward with Openmic, thanks for what you are doing for artists