Openmic 113 Una carezze (infantil) Kitchen showcase

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Dear blocktrotters

Here my entry for openmic with this improvvisation directly from my kitchen
Childhood inside you

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Hello dear Lorenzo, it is always an incredible honor to listen to your beautiful voice and those incredible guitar strumming.
We were left with the doubt if the song is original, that is to say of your composition, we would like to have known the lyrics.
This song was dreamy, very professional and with a special feeling in the interpretation! Bravooo!🤗

Keep in mind dear friend that in this community it is important to comment and support other members, so we all help each other and grow together. We send you a big hug!

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Hi @musicandreview thanks a lot and for me Openmic it always a great bridge to sync my heartistic line with the earthistic heart. Yes the song it is original and it was composed at the same time I was recording the video on @threespeak. I thought nobody care about the lyrics and I was wrong, so thanks to you I wrote it here below with italian and english version :

A caress

again you open bridges to the moon
still in time you connect your firmament to you
the sun shining through the forest is still the same as always
and I cannot release it in this great little nothingness
please find a caress that can take you beyond your fear
I have always prayed that this strength is within you
And that it will take you to the biggest sea there is
The spaceship that you will see is inside you
The design is always the same
To look for a foothold that isn't there
that isn't there that isn't there

but we have Openmic
with which we can invent
new songs to exist
and we have these Strikes that we need
to learn our astral position
as stars walking in the universe
on this scattered planet in the world of tomorrow
there are bridges that dig hills dig valleys and fantasies
the road is always that
between you and me between you and me

Translated with (free version)

La carezza

ancora di nuovo si aprono ponti verso la luna
ancora nel tempo colleghi il tuo firmamento a te
il sole che traspare nella foresta è sempre quello di sempre
e non lo posso rilasciare in questo grande piccolo niente
trova ti prego una carezza che ti possa portare al di là della tua paura
prego da sempre che questa forza sia dentro te
e che ti porti nel mare più grande che c'è
l'astronave che vedrai è dentro di te
Il disegno è sempre quello
quello di cercare un appiglio che non c'è
che non c'è che non c'è

ma noi abbiamo Openmic
con il quale possiamo inventarci
nuove canzoni per esistere
e abbiamo questi Strike che ci servono
per imparare la nostra posizione astrale
come stelle che camminano nell'universo
in questo pianeta disperso nel mondo di domani
ci sono ponti che scavano colline scavano valli e fantasie
la strada è sempre quella
tra me e te tra me e te tra me e te

And yes I tried to support artists inside this great community