If you want to be celebrated in a different way,do your things in a different way too(The Success Recipe)

Irrespective of where we are from and how we were raised,have come to see that regardless of all this,we all have one thing in common in life.

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"The pursuit for success"

The word success is very common in our society today,not just because of the definition that comes with this word,but for the level of Pedigree involved when it is achieved.

Have come to learn and know that different opinions as come up with what success tend to mean,aside the dictionary meaning of this word, people tend to define it also in their own way,let me say base on what has happened to them or how far they have come or gone Iife.But regardless of all this to be keep be successful in life is not a day Job as this requires alot of efforts and doings.

I decided to take a look at what I see as recipe to success in life.

Always Learn New Things and Adapt To New Environment

One thing that as made man a zero person to become and hero in Iife is their ability to learn new things,let me be very honest with you that life will always comes up with new and different Ideas each day,but our ability to adapt and move along with all this is what will help us on our pursuit of success.We should never forget the place of learning too irespective of how new or old it might be,this is one part that will improve our understanding. people who don't learn hardly move forward in life and that is why learning on it own is very essential in life.

Focus and Consistency

If their is anything that is capable of bringing not just success,but good success in life, it is the word "Focus and Consistency"

Life on it own won't give you anything without testing your ability and patient,that is why irrespective of how difficult life might be,it is very important and vital that we understand that been contsitent is very important and vital,this has a way of not just giving us the results we want ,but also making us the best in what will do.

Thier is nothing as important as been productive and been a focused person in Iife, cause it help to put your mind on a set target that you need to achieved also.

Don't Be Scared Of Failure

One reason why people fail most times in life is as a result of the fear of failure, people who tend to run from failure tend to fail easily, their is one thing I know and understand about life,which is , making mistakes or failing at a project is never the end of the road,base on stats, most successful people today as even failed numbers of time before achieving what the have right now, which means that failure is definitely part of life and it is even a way that helps us to come out good at a particular project that we have onced failed on.

Embrace All Result In Life

This might be hard to take, let me even say at times it comes with broken 💔 heart especially when result gotten on a project or on a particular thing in life is not going the way we want it, honestly our attitude towards accepting whatever results life brings to us despite efforts put in place too is very vital cause this will give us a mind that we can handle things irrespective of how hard it is in life.

The place of your heart is very important, one's your heart is not stable , especially when it comes to accepting results it might lead to failure with no success to fellow.

Don't Think Of Giving Up

Have you ever heard of where a quitter is called a champion in a race,no it doesn't works that way and that is why it is said that "Winner's never quit and quitter's never wins"

No matter what life is bringing and irrespective of the results coming your way,you should never see quiting at any point in life as an option,that is why we all need to keep on giving our best to everything we do until success is attain,I sincerely understand that at times effort might be much on a particular project and result is not going our way,but our ability to keep on pushing at all time is one thing that will distinguished us from those who quit along the way.

Be Positive

I know I won't get it on paper or base on my ability,but I don't think of it that way,that is what been positive is, irrespective of odds that might makes a project look like what you are going to fail at, never for once give negativity a chance in your mind and that is why we have to hold control over the use of our heart too.

Been positive about something at times in life is all what we need to achieved success.I have this believe that success on it own start from our heart,just as failure too does.

Having a positive heart towards life and it happenings too will help us in achieving success in life.

Do something New

If you want to be different,do something different too

This is one thing my father keeps telling me when I was young, success at times comes with be seen as a different person,which means that you have to address things or come up with something more creative too in life.

Life at times don't celebrate people that copies others intiative irrespective of how good you have come out with such initiative again,but more accolades and recognition is given to people that comes up with something different in life.

If you want to be celebrated in a different way,do your things in a different way too.


No height of Success is to hard to achieve in life,once you can picture it,you can get it too

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