If you need to fail,fail (saying no to fear of failure)

Got home with a heavy heart today from work and lot of things was running on my mind, basically I wish I can control them,but still I was not able to,I examine the happenings at work today and I was just like life as a way of testing our ability,but one thing about human is that will try to run from the test of life ,it is true that at times it might be so hard and so tasking to deal with too,but on the other side all is worth doing too cause it has a way of building our understanding and experience too.

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After a long while and after studying the life of people around me I noticed that people do run away from failure and this as indeed cause alot of panic in the mind of so many people,the way our society tags or divine failure this day's is not something to write about and this on one side as indeed put the fear of I must deliver in the mind of so many people nowadays.

But mere looking at it on the other side i sincerely see failure as one of the best way to learn quick and fast too in life,as against the mindset of the society that when people fail it means they are good for nothing or they have nothing to offer,I see failing at times as the best way to come out good once more at a particular project.

The rate at which people panic when they see so many people failing at a particular project is very high and this instinct or let me say understanding that they must deliver at all cost as actually cause many to even fail after so many attempt just because they have not understand the place of their ability too,it is better to fail than to be become a failure forever due to fear.

If you need to fail, fail ,this is my opinion

This is the best thing that we all need to know and understand that at times our approach at times will let us down irespective of how good we tend to think that we are, so if we need to fail,fail and learn ,this also will give us a fresh start and understanding at what will are doing.

To me I will say failure is not the end of life,is a perfect opportunity for a perfect and fresh start

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