How well do tags affect contents, Seeking for guide on the use of tags

Many questions keeps on running my mind this days and still no one to help with answers,I also want to believe that lots of user's really want to ask such questions,but come to think of it who do I channel my questions to or even explain my worries to.

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This might be the cry of some many users too on the platform,but having no one to tell or run to for explanation at times can be very dangerous here on hive,let me say maybe due to the fact that many get to know about the community online and not true a friend as many do.

Many people keep writing and keep getting less view or comments ,even many felt like giving up, cause they felt thier consistency is not really getting them what they needed too or let me say it is not giving them enough motivation maybe interms of upvote and lot more even depsite writing a very good content, after looking at this very well I come to two conclusion that's;

Are tags reasons behind people not getting upvote

Can tags be wrong

How do I tag my content then

It is really tag issues or what are mine not doing right

The words above are what am really much more concern about,cause it seems the most things that as been depriving people of getting the recognition they deserve in terms of content is not really what they write as good as that is important too,but tagging too has long way to go interns of getting upvote and getting users attention.

Then how do I tags my Contents

My little understanding about this is simple and trust me help is also needed too in that area and won't mind some whales coming to help out with situation like this as this might be of use to all the users trying their best to give what they have to the community.

But I sincerely want to believe that tags are to be used base on what we are writing about and the tags should even explain the content or have something vital to do with it always.

Will sincerely love to see the help of some whales in putting more light on the issue of tags while it comes to writing content and aside the fact that good content attract attentions,what are the effect of tags on our contents.

@proofofbrainio @onealfa.pob @leprechaun @richardcrill @scholaris.pob and other's can also be of help to all the users and even the new ones too on this issue.

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