Duke's men's basketball player Aj Griffin out with injury

Duke men's basketball player Aj Griffin as injure his knee at practice
The freshman forward AJ Griffin won't be available for most of the time in the remaining of this year

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The freshman Star suffered a knee injury at a Friday practice,The dveil den's Adam Rowe first reported the issue and the whole team later confirmed the incident

The freshman player sprained his knee and the MRI shows thet thier was no significant structural damage after checking how bad the injury might have be

The News is a massive blow to Duke's rotation as Griffin was the only No.5 overall pick in the NBA 2022 Draft,Griffin was still getting back into swing of things after been out due to injury for his senior career with an ankles injury, even though is talent and is basketball knowledge is arguably one of the best in the game so far

His absence will definitely propel the team to look at rotation that is needed in other to replace him with someone that can do better like him when it comes to shooting ablitites and capable too in terms of been defensive,this might look easier when it comes to staying it ,but will be hard to actually achieved. blue devil's are to have success this current year. with people like joey baker and jaylen Blake's who are going to be looking at more playing time now.

Of all ,krzyzewski is going to have to do some serious work and shuffling when it comes to who to play and even at picking a new line up to actually filled the absence of Griffin so that the team won't feel it that much till his return.

It was even stated that Griffin who dislocate his knee would be out for the period of four to six weeks and will be missed dearly by the team as the year an running to an end