What I'm Most grateful for right now(ladies of hive contest number 64)


Hello everyone, its a previledge to see the second day of the new year,
*Right now I'm grateful for life,

  • Grateful for the air I breathe in and out,
    *i'm so grateful for the feeding, in my country it has been difficult that people even gave it a nick name(sapa) but I did not experience it, due to the grace of God.
  • I'm grateful to God for the abundant blessing upon me and my family
    *grateful for all the family he has given to me, siblings, aunt, uncles, children and so on.
    *i'm grateful for what is about to happen in my life and future,.
    *so grateful for all the friends I have so far, they are really good friend indeed, they don't betray, neither do we lead ourselves astray.
  • i'm grateful for the gift that was given me.
    *grateful for shelter, I almost lost it last year, but right now I'm still covered.
    *i'm grateful for been in hive, its a wonderful privileged
    *i'm grateful for my love life, though fake love and every and betrayal are all over, but I experienced a real on even though I've pass through alot in love life.
    *i'm grateful for good health


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