Training means teaching,imparting knowledge to someone, to put someone through the way things, should be done or the way it should be that he or she may get used to it, and no departing from it.
Training matters in the life of human being, and the training start with the mothers, when a child is born, he or she spends most of his /her time with the mother, even as they are growing up, that is why they say children learn their mother's tongue faster,tan any tongue, when a child brings home things that does not belongs them
eg pencil,etc, we should tdy to please tell them to take it back, immediately if not possible the following day, they are alot of training a child should get From the mother before we say parent, and they shall grow by the way in which they are thought either good or bad they shall be used to it, let learn how to chasetise the child,when they misbehave, even the the bible support it, they will not die, they will rather be more wise, and this children are the future of tomorrow tge kind of future, and good work demand striffing, long suffering, what you laid in their soul or heart determines their future, to secure good name for the future, it need a firm foundations, because if a foundation is faulty what can a righteous man do, so the good foundation matters alot, what they know they grow with, so our role is important as a mother and role model,be mindful of what you do in their present, TRAIN UPVA CHILD THE WAY IT SHOULD GO AND HE NOT



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