Market Friday at bean cake

Hello everyone, my market Friday of today, was at the bean cakes seller,beans cake, is called (AKARA)In my language Yoruba,it is made with pealled beans with pepper and onion, grind it, and put in hot vegetable oil to fry. it happened that when I was coming from where I went to deliver clothes materials to one of my customer, getting to the junction of my area, I perceived the sweet smell of the bean cake, its makes me crave for it, I had to ask around for they sell it,I got there I felt like buying all, but manage to buy little, getting there the seller happened to be two men, wow, I was baffled, and I love , their business spirit.
Thanks for viewing my post, stay safe.





Thanks for viewing my post, and stay safe


How much was it? Did you get a good deal on it? Was it cheap or expensive or just right? Was it good? :) MarketFriday wants to know!

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