Isaac day 71

Hi, good morning everyone,
What the lord has done for me I cannot tell it all, because its magnificent he guide me saved me from every adversaries,.thank God we are all alive here today,thank God its a privilege to sleep and wake up.



    Seeking knowledge. 

What is knowledge?
The fact of knowing about something with general understanding,
Now seeking is looking for.... Asking about,
It is good to seek knowledge, it help us to know more about things yo know and even the ones you don't know, why? There are many people that are existing before us, so definately they will know things more than us, and even the bible says we should seek wisdom, because it is profitable, we have friends that are more knowledgeable let swallow our pride and seek from them, it makes us grow and improve in life, ask questions where you are confused, don't do things with stubbornness for example business, when you want to go into business or anything in life seek from those that have been there long time ago. And we will not lose the route to success.,Thanks for viewing my blog and stay safe.