Iaac day 80

Hello everyone, it great to see another breaking of the day, I thank God for his miracle through the night,imagine the way we slept without noticing anything going on around us,he's a capable God,and we still wakes up again, his plan over us never fail, thank you lord.



Fulfilling your dream
Dream is Visionary scheme, like "wish", its like what one desire to be or want in future.Fulfilling is like making it to come to reality,we are going to look into some
" Steps to take to make us fufil our
*set a goal, on what you want, how you want it to be, to look like,and keep it growing
*commitment to the goal set ahead
*Perseverance :there is no smooth road to get there,it may be rough we should keep persisting without giving up
*Be ready to learn from those that are there, which is having a mentor isn't a bad idea, but it should be a successful one.
*always aim at the top:don't listen or look at those that fall. And when you fall you can rise again, try every possibilities to rise again. Thanks for viewing my blog and stay safe