So similar and so different!


Why did I share this photo with you?

It is funny how sometimes words in other languages sound exactly the same as words in our own language but they have a completely different meaning :)

So this is a photo I took in Greece, walking on one of the main boulevards in the second biggest city, Thessaloniki. This word means "bank" in Greek. However, in my mother's tongue, Bulgarian, "trapeza" means "a table covered with a lot of food, plenty of food". Funny, isn't it? :)

As a Greek friend of mine noted:

"it has something in have money in the have a table full of food you want money! you get it from the bank..hahaha"

To that I commented that it would be interesting to see how that might change in few decades or hopefully years when crypto becomes something usual to pay with.

By the way, Greece and Bulgaria share a common border, we are good neighbors. However, the two languages are quite different, with different origins and completely different soundings.

Another interesting "feature" of the Greek language is there is no "b" letter. Greeks use the combination of "m" and "p" --> "mp" but it is not the same thing when I listen carefully.

For instance "beer", in Bulgarian it is "бира", which if written with Latin letters would look like "bira". In Greek this is "μπύρα", which if written with Latin letters would look like "mpira".


Here are two images from my photo archive, visualizing what we Bulgarians understand for a good "trapeza" :) Taken from a birthday party of one of my uncles, rest his soul.


By the way, this is my astonished face, someone grabbed my camera here and froze that "unique" moment, hahaha.


Have a great day, full of positive vibes!

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