Love always finds its way - my entry today to the #monomad daily contest by @monochromes

Greetings, Blackandwhiters :)

Probably some of you will recognize this place but I am sure the most of you will not. This is not important, though. What's important here is that no matter how a place is loaded with positive or negative sentiment, based on history, Love always prevails.

Love always finds its way and will always find a way to rule over everything. Rule over hate, rule over wars, rule over religion, rule over death... Love is ultimate. Love could be found everywhere and anywhere...






You probably know by now how much I love Black & White or sometimes referred as Monochromatic photography. I have always believed that while Color Photography shows the external part of our world, Black and White Photography shows the soul, the inner hidden side of everything. Please consider the first photo of this post as my entry today to the established #monomad daily contest by the monochromes account and community and supported by the qurator account, thank you everyone for your hard and continuous efforts to build and grow this great community!

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Have a great day, stay safe, stay strong and let your muse be always on your shoulder!


Stunning… and you are so right.
All are great in b&w.
Thanks for sharing. Have a great day today 😁👋🏻☀️