Life is filled with mysteries,life is filled with events that we cannot even explain,life is full of happiness,life is full of tragedies,life is full of greatness,life is full of happy moments,life is full of sad moments,life is full of wealth ,life is full of poverty,life educates you,life raises you up,life brings you down,life smiles at you,life frowns at you......

Life is not joking with you,life is also having fun with you,life says who do you think you are??life says you know me more than i do,life breaks you,life makes you,life gives you juice without a cup,life gives you win with several golden cups,life treats you like a fast moving vehicle,life gives you a slow moving vehicle,life says i do not care who you are,life says i truly cherish you,hmmm life life life,oh life....

Life is filled with ups and down,life is filled with challenges,if you want to succeed then you need to face those challenges and defeat them completely...

In life so many struggles are going on,you fight to make wealth,but is wealth ready to fight for you to get him or her??if wealth was a male he might say you are not cute enough(yeah cute mentally),if wealth was a female she might say OH NO you are so poor,hello wealth,did you just say he is poor??but you are called "wealth"

Wealth responds "he is very poor"

But you are wealth,is that not an irony??

Wealth replies "he is poor in the mind"

Hmmm now i get,wealth loves a rich mind,wealth loves a creative thinker,wealth loves a determined soul,wealth wants a great mind"...

Life life oh sweet/bitter life,we want wealth,we want happiness,we want joy,we want respect,we want fame,we want love,we want greatness,we want the beautiful things that exist on the planet....

And when we finally get all these things we want and we were happy we reached the destination we want,and one day death arrives......and we live the world and say bye bye,WHAT WILL YOU BE REMEMBERED FOR??

Think about it....have a wonderful day..

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