The Strong will and Determination


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All humans have desires. No one has no desire. Even if someone says "I won't have a wish", it's basically a wish too.

Have we ever thought why humans can have desires?

Desire is the desire of the heart that leads to the lust that exists in humans. In humans there are two kinds, lust and reason. Lust is the desire of the heart that tends to the bad. Intellect is a scale that controls lust so that desire remains directed to the good. But if our mind is far from the level of our lust, the mind will lose the competition so that our desires will not be controlled.

Usually the desire is always beyond our capabilities. But that if there is a strong determination to achieve, that desire will decrease in tension parallel to the determination that we will achieve.

Desire will be realized if accompanied by a strong determination to make it happen. So, the desire without a strong determination will be in vain, because it could be that desire will disappear with disturbances. As is the case, when we want to be successful in developing a steemit account. Do we have a strong determination, when there are unfavorable comments from colleagues, are we able to deal with them? It will all be possible if we have a strong determination.

Desire will arise when there is knowledge like people who already know about steemit, he definitely wants to focus on making steemit content. Desire can also be influenced by experience, such as people who have worked in other people's places for a long time and want to build their own business. Desires will also be influenced by needs and others.

Desire can be either good or bad. This happens on the basis of a person's thinking or nature. Bad people usually have bad desires and vice versa.

Desire is like the wind. Can go in and out of the room as long as there is a cavity. So, what maintains it is a strong determination to make it happen.

So, my friends, accompany your wishes with a strong determination.

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