Delicious Crab Instant Noodles

Instant noodles with soup is one of my favorite foods, this noodle can be a substitute for rice for me which contains a delicious taste on the tongue and also from crab meat has a vitamin element that can generate energy in the body.


In my opinion, this crab instant noodle dish is one of the culinary delights that is many favored by the #Acehnese-Indonesian people with evidence that there are many stalls and business cafes that provide crab noodle snack menus.

I share here at a glance how to make crab instant noodles. The first step is to provide a sachet of diamond noodles that can be purchased at a nearby shop, provide seasonings that have been mixed with sufficient natural spices and cleaned crabs.


Then in a cooking pot add a little cooking oil and heat it until it boils then put the sliced ​​onions into the hot cooking oil pan, then add the spice mix and fry it until it smokes and add the cleaned crab, after the spices are cooked add enough water and stir until the water is cooked boiling.

Then put the instant noodles into it and give the seasoning in the istan noodle package and stir until evenly distributed. Wait a few minutes until the noodles are cooked, once cooked put into the plate and give a little sauce and instant noodles can be tasted immediately. Thank you.