Coordination Meeting with Work Team in Early 2022

In order to improve performance and accuracy in working to achieve our company's targets in this new year, this morning, Wednesday, January 5, 2022, we held a work coordination meeting with colleagues in the office.


In a company, holding a work meeting is a routine activity to do because the meeting is very important. Many bright ideas, and problems can be solved with a work coordination meeting, and this is very influential for the smooth running of a company's management towards success and progress.

With the work meeting, it will also establish good cooperation between colleagues and be able to find out the topoxy of the work duties of each company employee.


We are employees who work for a company engaged in Gas and Energy, currently our company focuses on the scope of work on managing the city gas network for small customers, we are tasked with providing services and collecting data on the distribution of household gas which is channeled directly to the kitchen stove. residents through underground distribution pipelines.


And this morning we successfully held a working meeting by getting the right conclusions to be applied in working in their respective fields.