You do not want to miss out on the Robiniaswap project


I am not the type to hype a project and I certainly don't have the time to write on a project that I don't trust. The Robinia project might look similar to other defi projects on the blockchain but it has a unique feature that sets it apart from the rest. In a nutshell, the project is like most defi projects but it offers more functionality and uses case. What are the features that set the platform apart are discussed below?

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The first is that the Robinia platform has been audited and it is just a project that is barely two weeks old. The project got certified even before it was launched. Robiniaswap Platform was audited in September and the purpose of the audit is to

  • Ensure that the smart contract functions as intended
  • Identify potential security issues with the smart contract

click here to get the complete info of the Audit result

The Robiniaswap project provides a bridging functionality that helps to bridge between two blockchains. At the moment, you could bridge tokens on the steem blockchain to BSC. More projects are going to be incorporated soon as the project is still in its early formative period. You could bridge from Blurt blockchain to steem blockchain and vice versa.

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Click link to go to the Robiniaswap Bridge page

What makes Robiniawap stand Apart

A lot of Defi projects might be have been providing an avenue for users to earn tokens by staking a certain type of tokens. It is mostly called pools and a visual example is from the image below

robiniaswap pool.PNG

the image above gives an overview of how the Robiniaswap looks like and the types of tokens that could be staked to get RBS. Click here to redirect to the Robiniaswap pool

What makes Robiniaswap stand out is that it provides a bridging platform and also a platform where one could stake a token and get more RBS tokens. An investor could also provide liquidity and enjoy mouth-watering returns. Another stand-out feature is that the platform has integrated an automatic burning and that makes the RBS burning to be easily done.

RBS is automatically burning and that causes scarcity of the token. The token supply is decreasing on a daily basis and also the amount of blocks minable has been reduced also. last I heard of, the mining block has reduced from 1 to 0.9 and with the plan, the team has in mind, It's expected that more of the token mining will continue to be halved.

To get a thorough understanding of what I am saying, the link below speaks volumes on all that I want to say. You can also click here to read in-depth details of the Robiniaswap project


What I am excited about the most about the project

The value of the token is still relatively low and the amount of support the project has gotten in this developmental stage has made being part of it fun. if you lost out on Cake, Bake, and TWT, this is definitely one project you don't wanna miss out on. Be smart and invest now as the value of RBS stands around 0.28 at the moment.

Also, the plans which the team of the Robiniaswap project has for it has not been fully implemented and just 20% has been integrated and surely more will be done in the coming days. It is Great to be alive to witness this age

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