It is not a dip, it is an opportunity

In this crypto space, information could be translated into different forms and it is left for you to see the good in all events. with the market stabilizing once more after a price correctional event occurred days ago as seen the crypto fear and greed index is currently in the fear position. Many are afraid of what is to come and it is absolutely crazy as greed position has been where people were weeks ago on the cryptocurrency fear and greed index.



While many saw this as an opportunity to buy more and accumulate more coins, others see it saw the dip as a loss and has even made more loss as they sold their coins for peanuts. they have successfully made a loss both in the value their coin was sold and the future value of what the price of the coin could grow into.

The only avenue as to when the dip has not been a blessing in disguise has been in the case of people who trade in futures. The dip in the value of Bitcoin and other altcoins resulted in the largest liquidation of traders as many traders lost heavily. The event further reminded everyone in this sphere that cryptocurrency trading is risky and one should trade with caution and with the amount they could lose.

Even with the dip, so many altcoins still stand in a great position "value-wise" and the correctional event which took place is just for the betterment of all involved because if too much inflation is set into crypto, then one of the reasons for its creation has been defeated. So this correction (dip) was needed not just for eradicating inflation but for other important purposes.

One of these important purpose is that the dip creates an avenue for new investors to seize the moment and accumulate coins for the first time thereby resulting in the increase of holders. That means that the adoption of crypto is growing and it is a good thing for this space as more people adopt the technology.

One thing I like about this dip is that it came unexpectedly and funny how the so-called crypto analyst guru failed to see it or at least mention it in one of their articles or podcast. This alone further proves that these analysts are just humans and can not accurately give the exact description of how the market will move and that works for all involved with the technology. The unpredictable nature of crypto makes it more amazing and more appealing.

so my simple advice to everyone out there still remains that invest in crypto with funds that you could afford to lose as crypto crypto-currency is not a get rich scheme neither is it a game of luck. It is a game of information and one unfavorable crypto news could send the market running down. so be wise and be updated.

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