Chelsea would have been $300 million richer had they invested kai $75 million transfer fee in Bitcoin

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The news of Kai joining Chelsea came with a much and well-celebrated fun fare as all Chelsea fans rejoiced. His hype as being one of the best players in their league was backed by some YouTube video clips of him. I for one don't think Chelsea did any scouting regarding whether he will be a good fit or not.

I will blame the recruiting manager at Chelsea and not Lampard. In Chelsea, the buying and signing of players rest on the shoulder of Marina Granovskaia who is known as an iron lady and a tough person to do business with.

Well, I think we could all finally agree that Kai's signing tops Marina Granovskaia's list of flops signing. His contribution of just a goal and an assist in the premier league is way below the expected outcome from a 75 million player.

Chelsea bought Havertz on September 4th and at that period, Bitcoin was still around $10,100 per one. Chelsea could have easily diverted that fund into cryptocurrency and gotten 7,450 BTC. Reason because while BTC continues to moon, Havertz value continues to fall without a telling contribution on the team.

Funny as it may sound, BTC would have been a better signing to Kai because the outcome would have yielded four times the initial investment already and in just five months. Only a few ROI could surpass this. It would have been a better deal than signing kai because some he still earns a weekly mouth-watering salary at Chelsea despite almost zero input to the team.

300 million would have helped Chelsea buy a better player or even the best players in the world while paying them well. Getting one of the best coaches in the game would have been easier. Building a new stadium would have made possible from the $300 million, it will be massive yet much more rewarding.

Since we can't get to achieve this any longer, Chelsea should find a way to make Kai perform. Lampard has put havertz in numerous positions but he seems lost anywhere he finds himself. His best position is still a mystery to the coach and fans.