Second Week 5 Article Campaigns On Other Platforms

This is the second week of 5 article campaigns on other platforms. Marketing POB on other platforms gives a lot of benefits. One of the benefits is popularity. POB will be popular in search engines and other platforms.

Here are the articles that I posted on other platforms this week:

  1. Proofofbrain Potential Tribe on Hive
    I posted the article on bitcointalk forum. Bitcointalk is the biggest cryptocurrency forum. I hope that there are bitcointalk members who will click proofofbrain front end and register hive and POB.

  2. Proofofbrain Sosial Media Yang Memberi Reward Kripto
    The second post was on my Facebook page. I regularly share the post to some groups with thousands of members. Indonesian Facebook users are very big. With this post, POB will be known by Indonesian Facebook users.

  3. Kesempatan menjadi eary adopter di Proofofbrain
    I posted the article in the Indonesian section in Bitcointalk forum. There are hundreds of thousands of active users from Indonesia in Bitcointalk. I hope there will be more Indonesian who can make money on hive.

  4. Hasilkan Uang Kripto Di 2021
    I wrote the post on my personal blog. I have a blog on The blog have some contents to make money on kriptocurrency. I hope my blog readers will drop by proofofbrain front end and join hive.

  5. What is proofofbrain
    The last post was on Quora. Quora is one of the biggest blogger hubs. The post was in question " What is proofofrbrain?". Quora has good SERP. I hope the question will be on No. 1 search engines.

Those are five article campaigns for this week. This campaign is a challenge from @leprechaun. I realize that this little effort may not have great impacts on proofofbrain. However, in my experience as an AdSense blogger, guest posting is very important to increase the popularity of a website on search engines.

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Well done, lebah... more visibility for pob is good right now. I did an experiment on my site and the best thing for SERP was clickthroughs from Google search results for the targeted keyword.

Maybe as a community we could come up with the keywords to target.

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