Hive oh Hive What Will you be with your tribes?


The price of bitcoin which tends to fall is stuck in the range of 32-33 thousand dollars but the prices of other cryptocurrencies have fallen.

The influence of the attitudes of countries in the world greatly affects the price of bitcoin and cryptocurrencies in general. The good news that made bitcoin in El Salvador made the bitcoin price a bit hot but it didn't last long. In my view, cryptocurrency prices will never stabilize. This is due to policy issues. As long as only small countries legalize cryptocurrency, bitcoin and cryptocurrency will remain erratic.

Conditions like this will hinder developers from creating mass crypto apps. When they are creative, they will be faced with a classic problem, namely regulations. Even though various regulations don't seem to support cryptocurrency developers, new dapps are popping up a lot.

On the other hand, crypto developers are also competing. Each network provides different features so that users can easily switch from one coin to another. About a year ago, I once wrote hive prices and hive positions. At that time, hive was in the top 100 crypto on coinmarketcap. Today hive occupies position 264.


Hive price is $0.240 today. It falls from $0.9 in April 2021. Hive prices tend to fall. Low hive price is a good news for investors. $0.08. Is it possible that the hive price will reach $0.08 again. Hive price will reach all time low is difficult.

Daily trading volume reaches $4,203,221.06. From the data, this volume increased 68%. Hive price will reach $0.1 is possible.

The live Hive price today is $0.247285 USD with a 24-hour trading volume of $4,203,221 USD. Hive is down 12.67% in the last 24 hours. The current CoinMarketCap ranking is #264, with a live market cap of $103,138,185 USD. It has a circulating supply of 417,081,560 HIVE coins and the max. supply is not available.


So far I haven't heard of any big investors becoming incubators in the development of hive dapps. Hive developers work independently. This is good but on the other hand is not profitable. When there are no investors from outside the hive to finance the dapps project on the hive, the developers will raise funds by selling the hive. What are the consequences, supply hive in the market will be excessive. Things will be different if there are investors who inject fresh funds into developers with bitcoin or fiat currency. The entry of fresh funds into the hive ecosystem will affect the price of the hive of course because the developers will hold the hive in their wallet.

Downvoting , muting and flagging are endless classic issues.

Since I was in steem then hive this problem arose with a variety of topics that appeared. This is very annoying to me and probably big investors from outside. Downvote posts will not suppress the rate of inflation. What followed was hostility on one platform. If so, what should I say? Is that great? I think we should be merciful. We have to build a hive with the differences that exist. If this situation keeps repeating itself, the hive will only continue like this.


I'm sorry that I'm a nobody. I just have an idea that may be out of date. Hive developers should not depend on hive members. Tribe developers must be transparent with issued tokens. If the token is a fixed number, the developer must lock the protocol so that it cannot create a new token. Hive developers must be able to attract outside investors by holding ICOs. The whales must stop the downvote and flagging problems. Even distribution of wealth by giving upvotes not only to popular writers. Each tribe must have an official news board and rules. We should be happy with the growth of the hive tribe with issued tokens. Let success stories from hive and tribes trend on every front end. I think each of us would love to have success without hostility.


Downvote posts will not suppress the rate of inflation

yeah, rewards from downvoted posts are returned to reward pool, should be burned