Earliest Childhood Memory - Blogging Challenge Day 20


This is the day 20. Blogging challenge gives me opportunity to train my writing skills. Starting from my own topics so the paragraphs run smoothly when I start to write. Hive blogging is a new way of social blockchain blogging that has motivated me to be a better writer. I am an amateur writer that always learn and practice.

Hive with its tribes also give me more rewards when I post articles. My posts appears on the platform and interface. That is amazing feed system. Leofinance, ctptalk, neoxian, foodiesunite and other tribes are most common interface that I used. In the blogging challenge I ask for permission to use those tribe tags.


My kid is playing in rain with his friends

Earliest Childhood Memory

Childhood could be the happiest time for me and most people. I did not think about much problems like today. I just wanted to have fun and play. Schooling become play ground. Everyday, I did different activities and made some fun.

The story that made me remember all the time was days when my friends and I spent most my time in a river. Yeah, we lived near a river. At the time the river was clean and clear. There was much fish and there were many swimming spots that I enjoyed with my friends almost everyday. Only in rainy season, we did not go swimming because the flow of the river could be very big and dangerous.

Stole some fruits and jumped into the river

When I was a kid, stealing fruits can be common things though that deeds was bad. We did not steal fruits for money but we ate the fruits together. We knew that this action made some the fruit owners got angry with us. One day, we played in a large farming area near the river. There were many fruits there. We saw a big papaya. The papaya was going to ripen. It looked yellow. Then, my friend climbed up the papaya tree. He picked the fruit and got down. When we got the papaya on the ground, we heard a loud voice yelling at me. We was shocked. Then we looked back. There was an old man yelling at us " maling" / "theif" . We hurried to pick up the papaya and run to the side of the river. We were four kids. One of my friend did not think too long. He jumped into the river with the papaya. Then, my friends and I followed him jump into the river. We swam to the other side of the river. The old man seemed to chase us until the side of the river where we jumped in.

We have arrived on other side of the river. The old man walked back. Then we took a deep breath and relaxed. We laughed. My friend broke the papaya with a sharp wood then we ate the fruit. After that we were back to the river and enjoyed swimming.

Childhood memory is a fun thing when we remember. I love my friends and my home town. In that time, there were no many gadgets even, there was no electricity that entered my area. The electricity entered my area when I was in grade 6 primary school. It was when I was 12. After the electricity entered my area, everything changed. Many children liked to watch TV. Before that, there were only three or four people who had TV. I watched TV in my friend house because I had no TV in my home.

Thanks for reading. That was my childhood memory. Childhood is a happy time when I have nothing to worry. Don't forget to follow me @lebah I will follow you back!