Cryptocurrency And Politic Will Be Trend In Coming Years


Since the birth of bitcoin, cryptocurrency is still considered a threat to power holders, especially financial institutions.However, the development of cryptocurrency seems unstoppable. I once wrote that cryptocurrency is an ideology, not just a financial problem.

A libertarian is committed to the principle that liberty is the most important political value. Liberty means being free to make your own choices about your own life, that what you do with your body and your property ought to be up to you. Other people must not forcibly interfere with your liberty, and you must not forcibly interfere with theirs.

Libertarian is an ideology that tends to lead to power politics.This movement is still in the real form of the attitude and movement of a group that is antithetical to the hegemony of power. Meanwhile, bitcoin and cryptocurrency are a form of libertarianism in the form of financial technology. Openness or protection of privacy and decentralization are the main ideas of cryptocurrency development.
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What if politics and cryptocurrency converge?

Georgia is a small Post Soviet Union country which has a small political party.The party funds by creating a cryptocurrency.

A small Libertarian party has decided to revolve all of its finances around a cryptocurrency that they themselves have developed.
Not only do they offer the supporters a way to withdraw these cryptocurrencies from the platform, but they also assign them a vote in the future strategies of the party. Basically, if someone buys around 2% of the overall volume of GED (the crypto that the party created) they can make definitive decisions on how the party operates.The ratings for this party have shot up compared to their previous years and are looking to easily enter the parliament after the 2020 elections that will lower the bar to get a representative a seat in the committee.

This is an example of how a political party has increased in popularity by using cryptocurrency as funding. Another example is when policy holders in the United Arab Emirates listen to cryptocurrency experts to make regulations about cryptocurrency use. as a result the United Arab Emirates is the country most open to cryptocurrency in the Middle East. Although indirectly, political decisions on good cryptocurrencies provide good news to cryptocurrency developers and users.

Will cryptocurrency and politic will be trend in the future years?

There is some cryptocurrency and political involvement in other countries. The two examples above illustrate that the public is increasingly aware of the need for decentralization in finance. Libertarian ideology is in line with the decentralized system of cryptocurrencies.

Can a country totally ban cryptocurrency? Obviously not, this is evident from the state of China which in 2017 banned ICOs. Only ICOs can be banned but there are still many cryptocurrency users in China. There are many ways to exchange cryptocurrency because of its decentralized nature, peer-to-peer exchanges are an option when official exchanges are banned. In the end, banning cryptocurrency will only hurt a country. The prohibition will only result in more and more illegal transactions. Cryptocurrency has become a borderless global community. Users can exchange and transact using cryptocurrency without country restrictions.

Regulation is better than prohibition. Because prohibiting the use of cryptocurrency is not possible. The regulations will also change when the authorities are cryptocurrency supporters. Cryptocurrency and politics unite only a matter of time.

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