The best time to have bought Bitcoin was when Satoshi was solo mining



Its the same with LASSECASH, the best time to buy is in the upstart phase.

Do I have to tell you this? When making a blog post on LasseCash the text is stored FOREVER in the Hive Blockchain. You also potentially get rewarded for "Anarchy, Crypto, Truth" content on LasseCash, as we have the best implementation of the "proof of brain" algorithm in the whole wide world of WEB 3 applications. There are competition, but earnestly they are not really doing much of what LasseCash is doing, so I dont know if I will call it competition?

So one particular person has critizised that I earn the most on LasseCash at the moment, well that shows its the best time to join and earn now, buy or use LasseCash, just like it was when Satoshi was the only one using Bitcoin. I would love to see 10, 100 or more people create quality content, blog posts and NFTs on LasseCash and I would reward them. Its been the plan the whole time, that I lead by example and then people follow. Of-course its not the plan that its mostly me forever. How stupid can that, no one mentioned, one person be?

Make an NFT on ""?

Maybe the most popular NFT platform of today? Then try to proof that you made that NFT? Oh its a ETH wallet behind the minting, how do you proof that its your ETH wallet? Well its complicated and most people will not understand it!

Make an NFT on LasseCash?

Good idea, we reward "Anarhy, Crypto and Truth", if you make a good NFT within that theme, there is a change I will buy it right away, if the price is reasonable and then put it up for sale. Thats part of my strategy to get the NFT platform of LasseCash started. ALSO you have a username, if you choose your real name for your Hive account name, I applause that, since I believe we need to have our real identities to create a free society. If you blog on LasseCash/Hive you might show yourself and show the world who you are, then its easy to proof which NFTs you created, since we use the same usernames. Understand it now? Why do I even have to explain this?

Anyway it does not stop here.

Want to get rich on sound investments?

Well if you have followed my LasseCash/Hive blog you would have known about HEX since day 1. HEX is the number one appriciating asset in the whole world, both in the cryptocurrency market and in the legacy markets. You would have made about 10000X if you got your HEX early! It does not stop here. There are more and more people that believe in HEX, there are even people that believe HEX will continue up almost forever, there are people believe it shall cost 1 million dollars for 1 HEX, if that happens then it is 2 million X from now. Ethereum and Bitcoin did something similar, so why not HEX. I personally are happy at $100 for a HEX, I am satisfied, but not selling my HEX at that price, maybe I sell a portion.

My recommentation of today, is to keep 90% in HEX stakes and 10% in LASSECASH POWER, then you are very much covered for the next 10-20 years... most other things in the cryptocurrency market is scams and BS. Sorry but that is my oppinion, with maybe a few expects, like the Hive Engine tokens.

Earn on diesel pool rewards on LasseCash?

Why not, the liquidity is very low now, so you can get a huge share of the diesel pool rewards. All you have to do is provide liquidity to the SWAP.HIVE:LASSECASH pool and you will get paid your reward everyday. There is a longterm LP bonus of 1% extra for the first 30 days!

Get started with LassaCash!! NOW!!

There are multiple ways to earn with LasseCash and even "small guys" have big oppotunities on the OUTPOST. Get started today.

Have any question, please ask them on this post or in the LasseCash discord chat.

/Lasse Ehlers