Make $90 from $64 liquidity providing in a month?



This might change over time, but thats the calculation right now. I can pretty much guarantee that providing liquidity to the SWAP.HIVE:LASSECASH pool will make you money. Well I cannot guarantee it, but it looks like a steal right now. Even you can make a arbitrage on the price!

So much oppotunity in LasseCash right now, its INSANE.

Check the pool here: (go to page 2 right now, that also change over time).

I want to do more "stock buy backs" in the LASSECASH cryptocurrency in the future and some money are coming in for that later this month or beginning next month. No expectation of the work of others and use LasseCash at your own risk.

I do think there is a lot of oppotunity here and I can't wait to see how it all unfolds over time. Imagine people competing for that "liquidity provider rewards", then they need to buy LASSECASH (assuming they dont have any), what will happen to the price then? UP! And what will happen to the potential daily LP rewards then? UP!... do you see where this is going?

There is a huge sell order of LASSECASH at 0.00368 hive, ones that is gone, there is clear sky ahead.

So interesting all this. So little liquidity now, the potential is huge.

Remember daily LP rewards payouts, if you dont like it, you can pull the liquidity at any time. There are the risk that the market runs against you, you should know there are some risk involved.

/Lasse Ehlers