HEX and PULSE are the best cryptocurrencies of today


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HEX is a certificate of deposit (or timelock) on the blockchain. It is founded by Richard Heart. You can stake from 1 to 5555 days and get an interest, that is higher the longer you stake. When staking 5555 days or around 15.2 years, you will get around 40% interest per year.

The price of HEX has been going up most of the time. Around 10000X since launch in december 2019.

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PULSE is the only ETH fork that I personally believe in. Its the biggest airdrop in history, with all ERC20 tokens airdropped on to PULSE in the form of PRC20 tokens. PULSE is DPOS, deflationary due to the fee burning, low fees and 3 second blocks.

There is a sacrifice phase, which already is running until launch. People speculate that if you sacrificed day 1, you already made around 36X to 100X on your money.

Version 2 of PULSE test net is live and therefore people believe that PULSE will soon launch.

LL logo.jpg

Liquid loans

Liquid loans is DeFi build on PULSE. You can take out a loan in your PULSE holdings, with 0 interests and only 110% collateral. Its planned to launch maybe a few months after PULSE launch, to avoid some of the volutility after PULSE launch.

pulseswap logo.jpg

PULSESWAP (Final name will be different)

PULSESWAP is a fork of Uniswap, similar to Uniswap you can swap any PRC20 token. The final name will be different, due to that Richard Heart dont own the Pulseswap domain.

There will be a sacrifice phase for PULSESWAP and people speculate on another 100X-10000X gains from this investment.

PULSESWAP is Richard Hearts' 3th cryptocurrency product.

/Lasse Ehlers