Biggest airdrop in history!


So Richard Heart went public ^^ giving some more details on the biggest airdrop in history. Did you know that HEX made the most gains in 2020 in the whole cryptocurrency market? He got a lot of hate, but seem to be winning over all despite of all the hate.

So last night he told that he expect the "phase of sacrificing coins" might be already 2-3 weeks from now. The new Pulsechain, you can get stake in "freemium" if you sacrifice different coins like ETH, BTC, HEX and more. After the "phase of sacrificing" the pulsechain will launch, still unknown when that will happened, but he said 1-6 months from now.

He wants to make a DPOS type Ethereum fork, that fork the whole state of Ethereum over to the new pulsechain, so that you will have a copy of any ERC20 token on the new chain. Providing close to free transactions and delegated proof of stake. Ethereum transactions are extremely high now so he think that many other founders might will prefare pulsechain over Ethereum in the near future.

Here you have it folks, the biggest airdrop in history is set to happen very soon, from one of the most successful founders ever (if not the most successful ever).