Staring a relationship


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I have come to realize that there are some people that do not know how to start a conversation with someone. You know it that you want to be in relationship with someone but you feel like the person is rude and you have the fear that if you go to meet the person, such person may yell at you or even embarrass you. Now, come to think of it. I'm walking gently along the road or eating at the restaurant and someone from nowhere came to me and asked for my contact. Please, what comes to your mind? Many things will run through my mind and the person will even make me think that he wants to kidnap me. I'm serious here. You shouldn't just bump into someone because you like the person and later the person will disgrace you and you'll start to tell everyone that she's rude. It may be man to woman, woman to woman or woman to man.

Do you realize that there are techniques in which you can use to start relationship with someone. And when I talk about relationship, it may be friendship, business partners, dating and many more. Make sure that you tie something to the relationship. I'm sure you must have been wondering why I asked you to tie something to the relationship. So that it will last longer. I'll give you an instance in my next paragraph.

Let's take this for an instance. You're a young man. Searching for a romantic relationship. You got hungry at work someday and decided to go for lunch. On getting to the restaurant, you sighted a pretty lady from afar and decided to have a sit with her. Ask politely;"may I sit with you?" With that polite question you've asked, I'm sure she has no other choice than to say yes. From there, begin to complement her accessories. Feed her with sweet words. Ladies love sweet words 😊. But once it's too much, Sha may get tired.

You may go on to ask her what job she does. And you may tell her yours too. Ladies love men that patronize them so you may promise to patronize them. With that you will get her contact. Amazing? I got it. If truly you wanna win her heart, just pay her bills. Ladies love gentlemen that can cater for their responsibility. I'm sure she'll be the one to call your number to say thank you... This hasn't failed anybody and I know it won't fail you .. Then, you should get to know her better before you now decide to be in a relationship with her. Study her well. Don't rush!!! Within those times, prove the gentleman in you before you woo her.

Do not just bump into anyone you see

If they give you an audience, do not rush. Take things slowly. Slow and steady ..and I hope it works for you.