How to differentiate cryptocurrencies


There are more cryptocurrencies than you can imagine!
Do you know how many cryptocurrencies currently exist in the world?

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On CoinMarketCap alone, the number one website for the crypto market there are more than 10,800 registered cryptocurrencies.

However, not all cryptocurrencies are the same. There are even terms that allow them to be differentiated depending on their nature....


They are all cryptocurrencies that were created after bitcoin.


They are a digital asset that can be used as "points" to exchange for things or services and can also be used as a digital representation of a fraction of a physical object.


They are tokens that represent a FIAT currency (dollars, euros, lira, among others) or another active crypto, but in the crypto world. That is why they always maintain the price of their respective assets. With them we can have dollars but in blockchain.


This is how crypto projects are known that have no real value for society. Some people also call such projects that they like least or that they think are a waste of time.


In this way, some physical crypto projects are known, where they do a lot of publicity, promise profits but there is neither a blockchain development nor can it be bought or sold in any of the registered exchanges. They are a vulgar scam, which is very abundant in the crypto world....

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