Insects and fungus in the garden

Lately, watching insects has caught my attention, some are usually very annoying and sting hard enough to confirm that they are not very loved, I was in the garden looking at my flowers, I always forget to set this function in macro on my device, but This time I had it..

Housefly in my garden

They are such tiny and fascinating bodies, flies immediately relate how unpleasant and they are so important for the collection of decomposing organic matter for recycling, they prevent diseases and are pollinators, of course they have their cons

They help the ecosystem

I found another insect as green as the leaf where it was, it's hard to distinguish, some mushrooms in the wooden planter, it's a pity I don't know if they are poisonous or I can eat them, once I observed my land tortoise eat it, it didn't die I saw her face pleased, I'll have to investigate. I always buy mushrooms in the supermarket, something plastic for my tast


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