Don’t Fall Victim, Beware of Phishing Scams Posing as Leofinance


Yesterday I got the above notification on an article I published, but with the help of @readthisplease who made a post concerning the phishing scam, I was aware of it.


I commented under the comment notifying other people not to click as this is a phishing scam. With the help of @arcange and @riandeuk, they were able to report and made comments on how fraudulent the comment was. I was lucky enough not to click because of my previously knowledge gotten from readthisplease, but not lots of people might be that lucky.

I just read a post made by @greengalletti on how he was scammed off approximately $400 worth of both Hive and HBD read here. His post was to create awareness so others don’t fall victim for this phishing scam.

Here are the details of the scam step by step:
a) As seen in the initial image of the post in a comment the user mentioning eLoFinance invites to vote the token of this Community.
b) I click to vote for it. HiveSigner opens. I access it and automatically a message tells me that in three days I will start receiving the reward.
c) At no time I am warned of the withdrawal and much less of the amount of HIVE and HBD transferred.

When you come across this article, please kindly make an article or comment on other people’s post when you see something like this. This is to create an awareness to avoid more people getting scammed. Thank you.

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Pretty scary stuff :-( Quite sad that people like this actually exist. I'm not so naive as to believe they don't or too shocked by what has happened, just disheartened by the fact that someone can, without any consideration for the welfare and hard efforts of others, simply swoop in and prey on people's trust. Thank you for taking the time to share these experience and looking out for the community.

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