A Beautiful And Colorful Day

A Beautiful day to start my day, I woke up today at 7:01a.m. That is obviously me running late, I jumped in the bathroom immediately had my teeth brushed and had my body showered. I got out of the bathroom sort out my clothes, I put them on and was ready for work, because i am running late, I couldn’t eat anything at home, I took the next motorcycle to my work place, immediately I got into the office, I could sense a very beautiful and colorful day. And I thanked the lord for bringing me safely to my office, I got in and began to do daily activities, like checking the laptop for mails and messages for my employer. I was done with that and went ahead to check on documents that was brought in yesterday after closing from work. After that i went into the laptop to type some request my employer sent to me as a draft and I worked them till it was afternoon then i took a break.




While, I rested then came the birthday celebrants and he pleaded for to me saying i should help him distribute what he has brought for us as birthday refreshments, I took it alongside with a lady who is my colleague and we both distributed it and I got my own share and went back to the office to munch on mine.

It is getting late and I was very bored, I love taken pictures right from when I was a boy, I took advantage of today and took some colorful pictures around the offices. It was so beautiful I had to come share it with all of us on this platform, after I was done with the photo taking, it was then time for closing and I took my things home.






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