When today’s science becomes tomorrows laughing stock

The data’s out and the conclusion is that “all the world’s a stage” and we are all playing a part, like an actor. The subtext is that life is a game, and now we have new information on game theory. Fuzzy logic determines a lot of our decisions. Don’t quote me on this, I have no stats. Just trust the science, which we can upgrade and redefine every day. So much for truth. So just what is truth in our post-truth world? Is there even an absolute truth?

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Some would say there is an absolute truth but we don’t trust the experts any more because they are simply playing a role and getting paid for it. Everyone is motivated and mostly by personal profit. Only a few people are driven intrinsically by ethics, morals or ideals. The pursuit of truth is a dying art.

If we can’t trust our emotions, or our senses or the science, then what is true and where do we place our trust. It’s all relative, and dependent on the individual perhaps. Is the voice in your head really reliable? Certainly math is immutable, so we trust that science. That’s how bridges and buildings are built, and how planes fly us around the world.

Math does not lie. Code is law, as the saying goes. Still code can be rewritten sometimes. Just ask the Ethereum Foundation. Personally I follow the theory that says “trust no one”. Even the scientists and code writers have human flaws – moral weaknesses and personal motivations behind what they do when presenting the science.

Actually we can’t even trust ourselves, since our senses are all subject to making mistakes, to being deluded, to be raised with superstitions and magical thinking. All this is much more evident in our current time in history. Post-truth is the flavor of the day and morals are not what they used to be.

Fashions shift, sometimes deliberately pushed like a fine agenda and sometimes it’s simply the zeitgeist of the masses on the day. One person’s moral or style is another person’s taboo. So what to do? Wisdom cultures talk about simply observing, while not judging.

Even within ourselves we have two minds or two or more opposing points of view. Intuition is not always accurate even though it’s there. Science is not always exact as we see in the ever-changing “science” or law through the centuries. What was “science” in one century becomes outdated and sometimes even the opposite becomes the rule in the next century.

Still, humanity and the human being has not really changed for hundreds of thousands of years. We are the same biology as we were millennia ago. Nothing has changed biologically in the human organism. And yet fashion, morals and ethics or “subjective truth” is changing all the time.

The best we can do is learn the script of the theatrical play of life and then ad lib according to your personal preference. Nothing is law. As Jack Sparrow of the Pirates of the Caribbean says – “the code is more of a guideline really” not written in stone. What was good for survival in the past century is no longer instinctively the same any more.

The more we evolve, the more messed up we seem to become as a society and on a personal level. Are we evolving or devolving? One could argue both sides very convincingly today. Therefore nothing is absolute on the material platform, and especially not on the social platform.

Nevertheless some laws prevail, like gravity, the clockwork nature of the cycles of nature and the planets. So there is actually an absolute truth. Even the ancient wisdoms of the east say so. But who are we to judge. However, the gatekeepers of the “science” who are branded as the experts, who wear white coats and big wigs, they are fallible humans and everyone has a price. We are all motivated by reward. Very few people are purely driven by ideals or morals or truth.

Based on this conclusion, I like to play my part, like a good little bit part player in a blockbuster movie or theatrical performance. We are all merely players who strut and fret our part upon the stage. Some try to direct and some try to push the narrative with their patronage and monetary influence...the lobbyists, angel investors. One person’s terrorist is another person’s freedom fighter.

It all depends on the perception of the beholder. So the script may be there, the director may be attempting to push a certain narrative, yet the players are forever doing ad lib and expressing their individual liberties. What a fluid mass of “mush” life seems to be. At least on one level. So with this stream of consciousness and thought, let us continue to brainstorm the towers of Babel and pretend we are rational actors throughout the whole drama, one act at a time.

It may seem as if we are adrift in a hurricane, so let the chips fall where they will. I certainly will not be claiming to have any answers or to know what is true and what is not. It’s all relative and we can simply observe the passing parade. You can be an influencer, but this too will pass and a new “prima dona” will take the stage in the next act, so grab your 15 minutes in the limelight if you wish. I will be in the wings or behind the scenes, watching and observing, and laughing at the comedy of errors every step of the way.