Paradise is a state of mind available to us all

Paradise is a state of mind, though having a suitable natural environment does help. However, even in a healthy supportive natural environment, one’s own mind can still get in the way and block our perception of reality as being paradise. Nevertheless, if we immerse ourselves in a nurturing natural environment and simultaneously remove any negative influences on our mind, we can tap in to the concept of being in paradise or being in bliss.

A window on my paradise

My sense of well-being is very much dependent on having a harmonious place to be peaceful without human distractions. Most people are in the city or in a family environment with lots of people around constantly. Such is the nature of our life as a social animal, but I prefer to have very few people around for my peace of mind. So I immerse myself in nature and keep my distance from most people.

Seekers of consciousness have always retreated from the mainstream society and gone to live in the forest or some similar natural space. The early Christian Coptics and Essenes would apparently retreat to the desert – a harsh, solitary yet undisturbed tranquil place for mediation and introspection. I have chosen the more gentle and slightly less remote coastline here in sunny South Africa.

A long term conducive environment really makes the journey of life much more pleasant. Some of us are however born into less than ideal circumstances, since the planet has all sorts of conditions and it’s not always possible to move to a better place. Still we have free will and independence, to a small degree, and depending on how urgent the demand is, we can locate ourselves away from the unpleasant and towards the more healthy and suitable regions according to our needs.


Especially now at this time in history, I would really recommend that those people with families of young children really move away from the cities and to the more healthy countryside. Some cultures actually recommend the opposite ironically. They prefer raising kids in the city with more facility, luxury and social circle. So it depends on the individual tastes.

For me it’s the remote natural environments that appeal for improved health and peace of mind. Education is all online nowadays. Many folks in my area do home schooling and grow their own food, or at least some of it. The trend is towards decentralized and self-sufficient living. The world is at a major inflection point as societal adjustments are imposed upon humanity across the globe under the current Great Reset of this decade. If you can, then now is the small window of opportunity to relocate or situate yourself in a rural area for long term health and well being.

What are your priorities? Is it the glitter of bright lights and potential wealth in the city, or is it health and peace in the countryside? I presume it depends on your stage of life, age and goals for yourself. I have been really happy since finding my current coastal retreat space here in perhaps one of the more remote towns in my country of sunny South Africa. To some it’s a retirement village, or a holiday resort. And for most people it can only be accessed at the end of life, while all the decades leading up to it are spent dreaming of attaining it.

Some free roaming cows in paradise here

Well I decided to live the retired life in my twenties already and now in my fifties I have been living the dream on permanent holiday for decades. It just depends on how much you want it. And also how fed up you are with the negative effects of city life. If I can do it with minimal cash and material facility, then anyone can. Simply dream up your desired and preferred goal and then go for it. Do what it takes to claim your peace of mind and excellent health on all levels.

Nothing is holding you back except your own mind and biology. If you lack the dopamine to drive you toward your goal, you may simply sit in a complacent yet uncomfortable situation. Life is such a treasure and valuable opportunity to evolve in consciousness and despite the harshness found in some times and places, there is also the opportunity to tap into the bliss and beauty also available. It’s simply a matter of perception or perspective.

If we make the external effort to shift our natural location as well as making the effort to shift our internal “assemblage point” or perspective of our reality, then we can greatly improve our condition while on the planet. We have the potential and opportunity now, so grab it while it lasts. Tomorrow or next year may be less conducive as the world shifts toward the next phase of civilization in this decade under Agenda 2030.

Cows to the left of me, ocean to the right, here I am stuck in the middle of paradise. The fire took out everything but the indigenous flora has all returned.

By adjusting our “set and setting” or mindset and environment, we can tap in like an observer who tweaks the angle just enough to glimpse the rainbow that shines through a drop of water. Paradise is a state of mind as well as an external environment. Both internal and external adjustments can facilitate our ability to tap into it. I have found mine, are you living in yours?

(photos my own)


Hi there :-) great pictures and a great philosophy :-) But something difficult to do or be in middle europe with the prices for living here.