Non-vaxxed in Pakistan to have their mobile phones shut off the system

You’ll be dead in within two years of getting the vax – that’s the rumor going around the internet currently. The disbelief at such a statement is what lulls us into following the herd and the mainstream media narrative, like kids following the Pied Piper, if you know your fairy tales. Are we living in a giant fairy tale right now, one which could find us far from Kansas and way down the rabbit hole, further than we have ever been in this lifetime?

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Who knows how much of any rumor is true or not? I certainly am merely a novice in any of the details but enough information has reached me to put me off any vax. Blood clots and many deaths are apparently a certain and verified truth regarding the vaxxed. That alone should be enough to keep any sane person away from the “death cult of the vaxxed” as calls it.

Intuitively and based on the little that I have read, it seems that the entire covid-19 pandemic is a hoax and a con. So following on from that I was always anti-vax. Anyway I’ve not had any jabs for decades since I don’t really ever get sick. It’s that simple. But there seems to be at least half the world’s population frightened into getting the vax, despite the data on side effects and deaths.

If this kind of news is true and there really is a Gates Foundation eugenics program being rolled out to cull the world’s population, then half of us will be dead in two years or less. It sounds crazy so don’t believe me on this. I hardly believe it myself. But we are in crazy times, which seem to be deliberately engineered, so the blinkers need to come off along with the gloves. And the mask. It’s already proven that masks caused the pneumonia deaths in the 1918 Spanish Flu.

So if the “experts” know all this and still push the mask, then they could also be pushing the untested and experimental vax, which is not actually a vaccine but a spike protein to damage your health in the name of protecting you from the SARS covid-19 flu. It all stinks to high heaven, like a rotting corpse washed up on the beach. I have smelt them when dead seals occasionally wash up here on my local beach and it’s not fun.

Any self-defensive person like me would probably rather play it safe and avoid the vax, especially since it’s a year or two later and no sign of any covid has even popped up in my personal life. My elderly relatives have not had it. I have not had it. None of my friends have had anything problematic. Perhaps one or two distant acquaintances caught a flu and soon recovered this past year. That’s it.

So my personal experience prevents me from taking this pandemic narrative seriously. Then my research concludes that it’s a hoax and a scam to mess around with humanity. I won’t go into details as you can DYOR and probably already have. So only the sheep will docilely follow the Pied Piper and go for a jab (it’s not a vax). Yet still the drive to get us all in the net is going on and intensifying. UK wants to jab their entire population. Some may be content when 60% of their national population is jabbed. And now they are tightening the screws.

For example in Pakistan now your mobile phone will be blocked by your service provider if you don’t get the jab. Imagine this kind of blackmail. You are being held hostage and your business and private rights to communication are removed right now in parts of Pakistan if you don’t have the jab. This is medical tyranny like we have never seen before. Imagine this coming to a country like yours. You or I may be next. Welcome to the Holocaust of WW2 Europe, where the outsiders have to wear a yellow star and their businesses and private lives are destroyed.

Eventually they are banned from any shops and can’t get food. Then they are eventually rounded up and shipped to concentration camps – women and children included, for no reason whatsoever, other than that the Nazi regime decided that they needed to be culled. Now it’s our turn guys. The pogroms and the Nakba have begun.

Nakba: "disaster", "catastrophe", or "cataclysm", also known as the Palestinian Catastrophe, was the destruction of Palestinian society and homeland in 1948, and the permanent displacement of a majority of the Palestinian people. The term is also used to describe the ongoing persecution, displacement, and occupation of the people.”

I will die before getting the jab. They will have to kill me before I let them stick that needle into my body. I will fight it out to the end. Can you comprehend the madness already under way? A government will remove your right to free speech and mobile phone usage if you don’t have the jab. If that were to come to our nations, we would probably revolt in the streets, but in Pakistan’s Pujnab province they are planning it. You can read about it at or Are we next?

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