Some Artworks Signed By Me in Fine Art From My Collection: "In the Streets of Recife, Brazil"


It is very gratifying to see my street photos materialized!😍

This photo is a montage that I made of some pictures from my collection: "Nas Ruas do Recife" and that are available (for sale) to the public in limited editions.

My best street photographs, those I took on the streets of my city (Recife, here in Brazil) over 6 years, are printed on special papers in Fine Art.

They are photographs printed on cotton paper, in alpha cellulose or canvas, following the process of reproduction in Fine Art that gives the work of art a duration of more than 200 years and resistance to water, mold and dust.

I am very happy to see the evolution in my work in photography through my Fine Art prints!

If you want to contact me directly to buy yours (free worldwide shipping and I accept Hive as payment), please follow me on my Instagram, @jammersonsantana.

A Big Hug for Everyone!