Having harmony with myself

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When I have peace in my heart and soul, it is this harmony that I want to achieve. And when I am in harmony with myself, I finally have a sense of my own power again, that I am good enough, to keep my life going well and that I will live and survive beautifully.

I had a situation at work today, I was annoyed by my superior and then I was angry and how did I react to that? I did not.

I always remind myself or imagine table tennis, where two people are needed to bounce the ball, and if one does not bounce the ball, the ball remains on one side and the other cannot return it to me and the game is over.

Because when I feel restless inside, I’m in a bad mood, moody, tense, I break out if someone just looks at me the wrong way, and I know I’m not in harmony with myself then.

Then I attack with words, I want revenge, I am offended or I provoke an argument myself. Then I get a feeling of helplessness that doesn’t give me peace, there is no peace in my heart and not in my soul.

I am the one who always decides for myself how I will act, first I have to be honest with myself, process all the bad feelings and then make an easier decision.

It always matters how important the other person is to us.

Let’s focus on ourselves, make it our priority, not the other person’s, let’s put ourselves first.

We cannot change others, but we can change ourselves by changing our reaction, our response, our feeling.
And when we feel different, the response will be different.

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That is true

the way we react to events matters a lot

if we react differently, we get a different response

we need to control our emotions and reactions

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