The Commitment to be able to achieve your goals

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This time I want to share a little motivation that teaches us to stay committed and consistent in realizing our dreams.

You have no reason to be average like the others, you are just busy looking for reasons why you can't wake up earlier and go to bed late to chase your dreams, you are actually just lazy.

You even already have a myriad of reasons why you can't reach your target, why you can't do your job to the fullest, why you're late, why you don't finish your work, why this is why that is, and these reasons are very extraordinary, whether You realize that you have even prepared reasons for the things you even started, do you not realize how dangerous your mindset is, where before you fight even though you have prepared a myriad of reasons why you will fail, why you are not able to finish your work.

Do you really think that you can win with this mindset?

Do you really think that you can win with this attitude?

You also know that you will fail over and over again, but maybe some don't realize it, you are still too busy to find excuses, to prepare excuses, I can guarantee you if you have the courage, if you are willing to be humble, and admit tell yourself that you are the one who is preventing yourself from progressing, you are your biggest enemy, even more precisely the only person who is holding you back from progressing, is yourself with all your reasons.

If you dare to go against your reasons, if you dare to do what you have to do, I can guarantee your life will change in an instant, you can get the best things in your life.

Would you believe if today said that the distance between where you are now and the life you dream of is actually very close, and only simple actions are holding you back from getting there.

So much evidence is already all around you, so many people are successful and successful in various fields, just because they did, just because they dared to take that first step.

If you dare to do a little more, you will be in a very different position from where you are now, you only need to do once more.

Whether you can start reading one positive book a month or maybe even just read one chapter per day, or maybe offer your goods or business a greater number of people every day, this one small step when done every day will lead you to a different life, you can imagine if you take this one small step, with this one small step you get a change, 1% change.

By doing this every day for a year, you will experience a 365% change in your life, you will be 3.5 times richer than now, you will be 3.5 times healthier than now, you will be more successful 3 5 times from now, you must stop procrastinating, you must dare to take that one small step, because that one small step will bring 1% change, this one small change may require one small sacrifice.

You can dream to have a better life, this one small sacrifice, in the next year will lead you to a very extraordinary life.

I only have one question for you, do you dare to go against your reasons?

If you dare start acting from today.

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Thanks for the motivation,One thing that very commonly stands in the way of achieving your dreams is a lack of confidence. You just don't believe that you can do it. This one is not hard to overcome. You simply have to make the decision to believe in yourself.

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