How to Earn Playing Kolobok


If you like blockchain gaming and enjoy earning while playing, then is probably you’ve played Alien Worlds and staked NFT in Rplanet. Maybe you are wondering if there are other similar games, well, the answer is Kolobok.

Kolobok is a game about breeding creatures and sending them on adventures to get rewards. It sounds simple but probably is a little bit intimidating at first look. This guide will help you to start playing Kolobok and create a new source of income.

How To Start Playing Koloboks

If you visit Kolobok for the first time —and after login with your wax account—, what you will see is nothing. At this moment, we have to buy our first Koloboks, let’s go to the marketplace.

Buy Koloboks on the Marketplace

Sadly, Koloboks are not sold in AtomicHub, but we can buy them on Simplemarket. If you have used the previous link, you will see a list of Koloboks from cheapest to expensive. For this game, you’ll need less than 1 WAX to start playing (at the moment of writing this), you can easily earn WAX playing Alien Worlds and selling TLM on Alcor.

I don’t have a recommendation about what are the best Kolobks, but I can tell you some tips to start with:

  1. If you see a Kolobok with a cross, don’t buy it because it means it’s dead and therefore, useless in-game.
  2. You only need to buy a minimum of 2, but I would buy a few more to make things faster.
  3. Buy Koloboks different in colors and forms between them, this is aesthetic and optional.
  4. Just buy the cheapest one to learn the game mechanics.

Dead Kolobks. Useless, unless you pay the resurrection.

Breeding the Koloboks

After you bought your first set of Koloboks, the only way to get more for free is through the breeding system. It’s very easy, you just need to pair two creatures and name the newborn. Then, you’ll need to wait for some time until breeding finishes.

However, there is a 60% chance the new creature borns dead. In that case, there is nothing you can do because it will be useless and worthless. Sometimes you can trade these dead Koloboks for 1 Kbuck on the bounty page.

But don’t worry too much about it, after your paired Koloboks have rested you can try again. My recommendation is to breed a bunch of them before sending them on adventures. Once breeding is successful, you can claim your new Kolobok on the claim page.

Also, you can check the breeding status on the breeding tab.


Buy Adventure Slots

The next thing we need to do is to buy adventure slots. After we have a good number of Koloboks we will start to send them on adventures.

My recommendation is to start with one and then buy more when need it. These slots cost 1 WAX initially, but they will increase exponentially after your second or third slot.

Normally, you won’t send all your Kolobok on adventures because some of them will be breeding and resting. In my case, I have 3 slots for 10 creatures. Once you’ve got your first slot, you can send your first creature to adventure.

Sending your Kolobok into adventures will reward you with Kbucks, the game currency token, or an NFT if you are lucky. There are different levels of difficulty, the harder and riskier, the more rewarding. However, there is a chance your Kolobok die in the adventures. This chance normally varies between 3% and 70%.

My recommendation is to send your Koloboks to the easiest adventures first. When you have a lot of them, so it doesn’t matter to lose a few ones, I would start doing the hardest quest.

Earning WAX

After you get used to the game and learn the mechanics, which are pretty basic, you can start earning some WAX. There are three methods:

  1. Breeding. As with any blockchain game, the better, rarer, and unique something is, the more valuable will be. Breeding the best Kolobok could generate a nice income for you. For now, this is more advanced and complicated.
  2. Kbucks. You simply can sell your Kbucks tokens earned in adventures in Alcor Exchange.
  3. NFT. Selling your NFT at Simple Market or stacking them on Rplanet.

Also, the game doesn't require too much attention, just 1 or 2 times a day. This is especially good if you want another source of income with low maintenance. And you can stake the NFT on Rplanet, the common ones generate ~0.26 AETHER, which is nice.

And that was everything for now. The game will look complicated but after a while, you will realize it's very simple.

Hope this article was helpful for you. Please, remember to like, comment, and follow me for more, thanks!

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Found it hard to sell Koloboks as the market was not very transparent regarding their stats. My experience comes from playing weeks ago, so it might be changed, though.

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Also a lot of Kolobok in the market. I find it easier to sell Kbucks and NFT or stack them on rplanet. I send my Koloboks to die in harder adventures when I have a lot of them hehe.

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