My Actifit Report Card: January 20 2023

It's another tiring day as I try to get work done before the weekend. I still feel a little sick but I felt better during the day so I did walk a bit more during the day. Since my walking ended earlier, I had a bit more free time tonight but it's still quite late. One issue is that my focus is quite late now and I wonder just how I should set things up. I want to wait till the end of the season to reset but I just don't know anymore. I feel tired and I want to rest my body earlier. I'll just see when the timing fits and I will reset it then. My commenting happened at night like usual.

It looks like Genesis filed chapter 11 bankruptcy and I just wonder how much the investors will get back. The process tends to take years and their assets tend to be used towards paying the lawyers. Besides this, I saw a post asking whether or not FTX can recover with the new CEO. I don't think it will happen because the trust isn't easy to repair. The process will take years and I don't think people will flock back to them either.

I decided to push another chest before reset and that pushed me up to 13 chests. It didn't get me anything good though and my new focus is fire. I am back up to 10 chests and I need to use more of my dark energy capture rate but I am too tired. If I have time tomorrow then I will fix it then. The win rate wasn't that bad and I was able to use yodin to win quite a few matches. While it isn't that high level, the bonus points despite the penalty is quite good.
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Daily Activity, Walking