Hive: Securing my account from possible Scammers

It's been a long day but I think I finally secured my account successfuly.


Beware Scammers are Everywhere

Well it has been a crazy long day, yesterday I replied to a comment on a #leofinance post that offered 300 Hive tokens to those that voted for leofinance as a witness and I made a massive error by longing in.

Voting is something I haven't gotten round to because I didn't fully understand it and to be honest I still don't, I had to set up a new account @keltickings and then worked my way around the system specifically #ecency to recover my main account this one, you can read about that process and my frustration here


If in doubt, Secure that Account

I managed to resent my account password and keys just to be cautious and transferred any liquidity in my account elsewhere, but I couldn't post all day because I didn't have authorisation, I think it was a delay or cooling off period after changing passwords.

Anyway I wanted to highlight this issue and ensure nobody else makes the same mistake, I know the old saying "Not your Keys, Not your Money". but in fairness I was quite exhausted and the comment looked pretty official, however I should have known that an official Hive account would definitely not comment such a link, they would create a post on an official account, "My Bad",


Always have safegaurds in place

Just be careful out there and always have safegaurds in place, if you are unsure double check and if something doesn't look right, it probably isn't.

Once you lose control of your account there is nothing that can be done to recover it.

It can be a daunting and frustrating thing to happen, even for those with little staked, my stake is very small, I am just a gold fish in a big sea compared some, every post I have written has been researched and written with the intention to grow my online presents and personal brand and I stake everything I earn in the hope of one day creating a little egg that will offer me some financial freedom.


A seed that will grow over time if nurtured correctly

It is important to have a plan and set some goals to help you achieve it and making sure you keep your account secure should be the most important part of your plan.

Hope this post will help to keep you informed and on your toes, make sure to upvote and reblog if you found it helpful so that others may be made aware to keep secure and protect their accounts.

This could have ended very differently and for many people it surely does, so be safe, be secure and most importantly be aware.

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