Enjoyed the outdoor dining


Friends, wherever you are, I hope your news is always fine, and always maintain health protocols, even though we are still PPKM but we must still have to live this life.

Tonight my brother and I went to Lhoknibong to take him back to the pesantren, and we stopped for a moment at a noodle hut which is very typical in the surrounding community, and we went there it was almost sunset time.

and on this day a lot of visitors are here to enjoy the Aceh noodle dish, using a special broth that makes the taste of the noodles very different compared to the others.

We also ordered Aceh noodle soup, because the sauce has become a favorite for us and I immediately went back to ordering the same Aceh noodles, and on the first day we went there was only Indomie noodle soup left.