Fair (Freewrite Challenge)


Source: Pixabay

I have been a member of a lot of crypto communities, though I am not always taking part in discussions. There's a social media platform before which pays with crypto. They made a lot of changes, and it's highly centralized. They decided to cut down earnings of users posting and liking a lot of posts, however, there are a lot of fake, plagiarized and spam photos by some users yet they freely are earning from their activities. Clearly, those activities are against the guidelines of the platform.

I brought out that issue to the CEO, who's also at the Telegram page, initially about those who are even removed from the platform who are compliant to the guidelines. According to him, they are doing it to protect the platform. When asked about fairness on why non-compliant members are freely spam posting, his response is "the world is not fair". Yes, he is right about that. Unfairness is very common in this world. But funny how it implies their platform is not "fair", I tried to tell him being "unfair" regarding his statement but he stopped responding. It's funny but you know, some people in power can really be unfair. It might sound the same thing with the Uptrennd fiasco.