Cool Beans (Freewrite Challenge)


Source: Pixabay

He wrote a song which is dedicated to her crush without mentioning her name. When everyone in the class has an assignment to sing, he's kinda hesitant if he's going to sing that song because her crush is watching, and surely be listening.

His name was called, brought his guitar at the front of the school, started to strum the guitar. He started singing.

The entire class is silent, listening to his song. Initially, they're wondering what the song is but just listened to it. His crush is swaying her head while enjoying the song he's singing. He felt inspired has he saw her reaction in his song.

After his performance, everyone clapped.

"Cool beans! What song is that? It sounds new to me" teacher asked.

Without hesitations, he unintentionally mentioned the name of his crush. He blushed, and she was surprised.