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Do I? I doubt I do. It is just those sort of names you see and wonder... What does he/she look like? What would such a name mean? And I like answers, which brings me again to our shared trait

I completely understand.

I have pleeeeeeeeeeentyyyyyyyyy questions. Where do I start???

He has pleeeeeentyyyyyy questions. Please ask me

Oh, How I would love to snoop through your device!

Hehehehe, there is nothing there. I have a friend who snoops around it while I sleep. I notice, he doesn't know I do. I don't know if he found what he is looking for. Maybe. Maybe not... Hahahaha

But really, I can relate though, to the "hideous" (though I would rather call them fearfully exciting) things to be found via snooping.. Jeez!

Fearfully exciting.... Never found these ones yet. Oh, except Hive. The ones I keep getting are fearfully panicking stuff(if that's a thing.. lol)

I feel strangely dirty.. I am currently even keeping a sec... shhhhh.. wait.. Are you on discord?

Hahaha, I am on discord alright. iska#1195